DiD Chengdu is certified ISO 9001

2021 is the 10th anniversary of Dialogue in the Dark Chengdu, In China. And they received a nice birthday gift which impacted the whole global Dialogue family!

ISO 9001 certificate for Dialogue in the Dark, Chengdu
IQ Net ISO 9001 certificate for Dialogue in the Dark, Chengdu

DiD Chengdu was certified ISO 9001! According to Shiyin Kai, DiD partner in China, it was a great and long effort and the certification process took about 18 months.

Furthermore, no other DiD venue had ever been certified ISO before!

According to its website, ISO 9001 certification ensures that quality orientation is lived by each of your employees every day. It demands that a quality management system defines who is responsible for which quality-relevant activities and which procedures must be followed. The certification process takes your specific requirements and perspectives into account and is suitable for all industries and companies – from start-ups to global corporations.

Kai shared the hope that the ISO 9001 certification will help DiD China to license DiD exhibitions and to qualify licensees based upon third-party certification.

Certification is valid until 2024. And meanwhile we congratulate our friends in Chengdu for their 10th anniversary, we also acknowledge their committed and innovative spirit.

We are curious to know how ISO can contribute with the DiD exhibitions. So, we will be in contact with DiD China for more updates soon!