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Empathy is not a nice to have. It’s a must have. When the frame changes, roles and routines become quickly obsolete. How to keep the overview without eyesight or to communicate without verbal expression? In an unknown environment we must move out of the comfort zone, have to develop new abilities and skills and must team up with people, we usually don’t talk to. Dialogue Social Enterprise creates immersive exhibitions and workshops to foster empathy and openness towards other ways of living, cultures, and values. In our famous Dialogue in the Dark, blind tour guides will invite you on an adventure in total darkness, helping you to unlock your non-visual perception and to overcome both your stereotypes and your own limitations in new surroundings. In Dialogue in Silence, deaf hosts will widen your capacity to communicate while you discover the power of nonverbal communication. The role swap works for the duration of the experiences. The impact lasts for ever, as your perspectives are changing towards disability and ability.

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We offer both custom made concepts or our standard bestsellers in a franchise model. Our most well-known programs are:

Dialogue in the Dark

Since 1988

Dialogue in the Dark is one of the world’s most exciting life-changing experiences where visitors are guided by blind guides in absolute darkness. You get a chance to experience daily environments of life like enjoying a walk in the park, taking a boat cruise or visiting a café in specially designed darkened rooms.

Dialogue in Silence

Since 2005

Dialogue in Silence is an interactive playful experience in total silence where participants discover a repertoire of nonverbal expression with the help of deaf and hearing-impaired guides & trainers. Participants enter an area of complete silence wearing noise-cancelling headsets, and experience an environment that helps them discover openness, empathy and an enhanced power of concentration.

Dialogue with Time

Since 2012

Dialogue with Time is an interactive exhibition, the first of its kind in the world that deals with aging from an original perspective. The groundbreaking exhibition allows visitors a glimpse into the world of the elderly. Through experiential play, using latest technology, a creative intergenerational dialogue is produced, dispelling stereotypes and clichés of old age.

Dialogue Online

Since 2022

Dialogue Online for Inclusion's overarching goal is to foster the complex process of inclusion of people with disabilities in the working force.
The workshop series closely examines the five dimensions of organizational culture using an approach that is dynamic, interactive, and highly experiential.

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There are currently 25 locations hosting Dialogue exhibitions and workshops.


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In 2023 Dialogue in the Dark Israel marks 19 years of activity. It was the first Dialogue exhibition which opened at the Children’s Museum in Holon. Yossi has been a guide at DiD since its opening. Yossi became blind at age 45 due to an autoimmune disease, one of which is damage to the optic nerve.

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Ashoka and the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship support us and give us access to a global Social Entrepreneurship network. Bain & Company offer us strategical advice and Hogan Lovells support Dialogue Social Enterprise with legal advice.