Customized Programs


Building Social Skills

Photo of three man laughing and playing a game with photo cards.

How do participants learn to dare, share and care in Casino for Communication workshop? Through a uniquely designed program involving communication, cooperation, and leadership among participants...

Empathy & Care

Diversity, Empathy, Identity

Picture that shows a photo of an old lady playing checkers with a nurse.

Hidden Heroes enables aspired caregivers and nurses to recognize the importance of their profession. Through an array of experiences they will learn more about the magic of diversity, empathy, and will feel proud of their career identities...


Building Collaborative Teams

Picture of a group of five next to a stand with white canes, one holding a trophy, all raising their arms, celebrating a victory.

Dialogue in the Dark workshop will entice you to become a better listener and a leader. By having to navigate through the darkness and being a team player, it will teach you a thing or two about team-work, collaboration and synergy...


Teams ready for tomorow

Photo of four people of different ethnic groups and with and without dissabilities working together in a workshop.

Extensive research has shown that some of the areas of concern for the nursing teams include language, cultural dimension of perception of work and lack of appreciation & empathy.

Tailored Programs

Made to fit for you

Detail photo of several threads of  blue yarn knoted to a pin that is labeled with "yes".

Based on its longstanding expertise, DSE facilitates curation, consultation and trainings for customized diversity & inclusion programs.