• Photo of DSE's office in the Speicherstadt Hamburg: desks  infront of the open window, with a view to the building on the other side of the dike.

Career in Dialogue

Do you want to give your life and career a new meaning?

We are one of the world’s leading social enterprises, interacting with key players and organizations in the field of social entrepreneurship.

We offer you to gain new skills and insights by working with an international, dynamic and diverse team in the areas of:

  • Exhibition Research & Development
  • Business Development Marketing & Communication
  • Exhibition Conceptualization & Design


Currently we are looking for German speaking staff for a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The positions to be filled are:


Interested? We will be happy to get to know you.
Contact us via info(at)dialogue-se.com


Are you an existing museum, exhibitor, entrepreneur or just starting out and are keen to get involved in the business for social good? If Yes, Dialogue Exhibitions provide an exciting, successful and sustainable business opportunity. It’s one of the most successful social business phenomena with 30 years of strong track record and over 23 global partners. Learn more about how you could become part of this journey today.