Dialogue in the Dark opens a second venue in South Korea

The DiD venue in Seoul was one of the venues that first reopened after the pandemic started. However, they are still operating with limited numbers of visitors and tours.

Announcement of the opening of Dialogue in the Dark Dongtan on August 20th - white letters on black

The exhibition in Bukchon has been alternating reopenings and closing depending on the social restrictions. And the strategy of our partners in South Korea was quite unusual. Instead of a conservative business approach, they decided to open a second venue in the country to navigate the crisis.

Last August they opened Dialogue in the Dark Dontan in Hwaseong.

One of the reasons for this step was to preserve the employment of those blind guides who, due to the limited attendance in the Seoul exhibition, were not active; but also to reach out to new visitors in a different city and therefore increase the number of visitors.

The new exhibition offers the classical DiD tour plus workshops for companies and schools, as well as some especial events and tours in English.

We honor the courage of our partners in South Korea, admire their determination and wish them success for the second DiD venue in their country.