Dialogue in the Dark India at the International Purple Fest 2024

Our Dialogue partners in India made a significant impact at the outset of 2024, as Dialogue in the Dark India  took center stage at the International Purple Fest in Goa, India.

The DID-Team India in a purple frame.

The International Purple Fest 2024 is a first-of-its-kind inclusive festival in India that embraces, expresses and celebrates persons with disabilities. The Purple Fest aims to showcase how we can come together to create a welcoming and inclusive world for everyone.

Dialogue in the Dark India, located in Mumbai, was showcased at the Purple Fest in Goa for five consecutive days thanks to the support of the State Bank of India Foundation . A diverse audience of around 500 visitors experienced DiD,  including numerous corporate representatives, policymakers, educators, students, and Persons with Disabilities.

Dialogue in the Dark India provided then with an immersive empathy experience. This experience left a lasting impression on attendees, with the majority expressing a newfound commitment to advancing Disability diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The DID Experiences featured at the Purple Fest included sensory activities such as identifying different smells, tactile pairing exercises with various textures, and even playing cricket in complete darkness. Across 5 days over 80 + tours were conducted, led by our three guides with visual disability, who facilitated invaluable learning experiences for all the visitors.

Well done, DiD India! Thanks for making visible diversity and inclusion through our dark methodologies!


*We acknowledge the DiD India team for the preparation of this article.