Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark, Australia

In 2019 Nadine Castle and Joanna Geysen from The Culture Group brought the Dialogue in the Dark back to Australia by opeing a new workshop center, that offers workshops all over Australia.

Dialogue in the Dark™ is a half-day immersive experience comprising of individual and team activities conducted in complete darkness. In-person workshops include a wide range of exercises in darkness, where participants face unpredictable situations similar to today’s business landscape.

Dialogue with Distance™ is a 90-minute remote team collaboration experience specifically designed to drive team engagement and collective problem solving. It helps teams to pragmatically find effective ways of working virtually. Based on the success of the popular Dialogue in the Dark™ program, the Dialogue with Distance™ sessions are also run ‘in the dark’. The simulated darkness and absence of visual cues heightens other social skills – listening, tone of voice, volume of speech and the words we choose, developing empathy and amplifying leadership styles.

The program facilitators for both programs all live and work with vision loss or blindness. Dealing with the loss of a sense, they are experts in resilience, communication, problem solving and collaborating. Their lives are full of unpredictability and their guidance provides a new perspective on how to find a way of connecting through uncertainty and distance.

Open since 2019.