Our Purpose



The compass that guides us to our purpose. Our values help us to create meaningful change in the world and drives our commitment to ethical conduct. Values define who we are, what we stand for, and how we operate as a team.

Our values are - Empathy, Impact & Inclusion.


This is what we do every day. An outline of our daily business and the path to our long-term vision.

Our mission is - Empowering people through transformative learning experiences. We break down barriers and re-think social norms in order to drive sustainable change.


The future we strive to create. Our vision is the horizon we're constantly reaching for and the inspiration that defines what DSE wants to achieve. 

Our vision is - To inspire dialogue that involves everyone. A world where inclusion is the driving force for a more equitable society.


At DSE, we are driven by our passion to create a more equitable and inclusive world for people with disabilities, the elderly, and those who are disadvantaged. We achieve this through our global exhibitions and workshops.

Our goal is twofold:

  • To raise awareness about people with disadvantages while fostering greater inclusion and respect for their contributions to society. 
  • To improve the social economic conditions of people with disadvantages by creating job opportunities that value their skills and competencies. 

Furthermore, in the name of changing present-day prejudice and eradicating stigma related to other populations, we are working on delivering a wide array of additional, carefully crafted on and offline programs.