The Virtual 24th DiD International Meeting

Last summer we, at DSE, were unsure on hosting the 24th International Meeting. We were perfectly aware of our partners’ difficult situations and didn’t want to put more workload on their already busy desks.

Screenshot of the Zoom screen showing the participants of the first online International Meeting of DSE

When facing adversity, one of the first human reactions is to isolate and try to solve our most urgent problems by our own. But soon we realized there is no better time to meet, reflect, support, and visualize than crisis.

 The success of Dialogue in the Dark in over 32 years has been based on our strong committed network of partners. Why should uncertain times be the exception?

Therefore, we organized the first virtual DiD International Meeting. A successful 4-days series of virtual meetings where partners from around 20 cities from all continents met.

Spaces to discuss and share crucial topics for the organization were provided. Different sessions were held: workshops to reconnect, sharing and exploring organizational resilience mechanisms, inquiring methodologies out of the dark and envisioning the organization’s short-term future within the new normal.

Rotating different partners as meeting facilitators as well as digital tools like Slido or Padlet helped to keep dynamism and interaction during the sessions.

We are strong believers on the power of direct human encounters. However, hosting a virtual meeting for the first time was disruptive for our values, we attested the great human interaction power which can transcend long distances and screens.

The feedback and the results were great. Technology can be a great tool to keep the Dialogue on. We are ready to tackle the uncertain future where the values of the Dialogue organization such as empathy, inclusion and encounter will be of more need than ever before in order to stay human and stay social.