PwD = People with Dedication

Few days ago we got this great news from India where 13 persons with disabilities linked with Dialogue in the Dark were awarded by the Government of India.

Flyer showing photos of the 13 awardees and the text: Dialogue in the Dark is proud to present 13 of it's Hunarbaaz National Award winners awarded by MORD, Govt of India, recognizing PwDs who have braved the COVID-19 and continued to work in the last year. What makes Dialogue in the Dark proud. Out of 66 PwDs chosen from all over India, 13 PwDs are from Dialogue in the Dark, representing 20% of the awardees. We are truly grateful to all corporate employers who supported the PwD sector in these trying times.

This especial award recognized those Indian workers with disability who managed to keep their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According with the Lancet journal, people with disabilities have been differentially affected by the pandemic.

Unemployment is one of the undesirable consequences of the pandemic. When it comes to the topic of disability, as it often happens, numbers are even more dramatic. Only in U.S. according to the New Hampshire University, one million workers with disability have lost their job since the WHO declared the pandemic.

66 persons with disabilities were nationally awarded by the Indian government. From all these incredible persons, 13 workers were recruited, trained, and included in a job by Dialogue in the Dark India and our former partner Experiences Ace.

Some years ago, Dialogue in the Dark India launched the Take-1 program. As a result to the visit to the Dialogue in the Dark exhibition, many businesspeople got sensitized and really wanted to start hiring people with disabilities.

In response to this demand, the Take-1 program took the honorship for recruiting candidates with different disabilities, training them, and supporting their job inclusion with different employers.

Today, Dialogue in the Dark India is one of the venues from our world wide network which had to close as a result of the pandemic. However, we are very proud to see this long-term impact. After 30 years of Dialogue in the Dark we are still amazed of its great effects on people with disabilities.

Dialogue in the Dark India and our former partners there did a great job. They actually trained resilient persons with disabilities who have faced this crisis with endurance. They really formed not people with disabilities but persons with dedication!