Dialogue 10-years impact report

Dialogue Social Enterprise celebrated 10 years in 2019. In addition to this anniversary, the pandemic time was a good moment to stop and recap our achievements.

Cover of the DSE 10 Years Social Report 2009-2019

Our actions today are certainly focused on creating a better future. However, we could not find a better way to get inspired than savoring the great social impact that - together with our worldwide partners and teams - we have achieved.

Here you have a little taste of quantitative achievements over 10 years:

5,9890 persons with disabilities or over 70 years have been employed.
7,604,340 persons have visited Dialogue experiences.
The Dialogue experiences have been hosted by 43 countries, 93 cities in all continents.
Our programs have won a broad range of awards in all countries. Furthermore, we collected the impact of visitors which shows transformation at three levels: the psychological, the convictional and the behavioral level.

 About 80 blind, deaf and senior Dialogue employees participated in the impact analysis by sharing their story of impact. We found out that working for Dialogue impacted on the professional level where they find themselves performing a meaningful job and achieving professional goals. Also, the social level is a predominant area of impact where the Dialogue employees appreciate to be positively exposed to mainstream society as well as having the chance to belong to a work team where they perceive empathy.

These and more wonderful achievements have been encouraged by DSE but executed and maintained by thousands of unbreakable and enthusiastic partners, collaborators and visitors who same as us, believe in a better world where diversity and inclusion for disadvantaged groups become a reality. Congratulations to all and let’s keep the Dialogue, especially in this time!

Have a look at the full report here.