Brazil is back in the dark after 22 Months!

We got encouraging news from our Dialogue in the Dark partners in Brazil: last October they conducted the first DiD in-person workshop after not being able to operate for 22 months due to Covid restrictions.

A group photo of the participants of the first in person worshop after the Corona lockdowns of DiD Brazil.

As Luiz and Andrea Calina, DSE’s local DiD partners, explained, they offered during the lockdown some live streams on social media and conducted a couple of informative sessions on diversity and inclusion for Goldman Sachs and Bank C6.

But being the encounter the heart of the Dialogue in the Dark programs, there is nothing like the in-person experiences!

The first post-pandemic client was Santander Bank. Of course the classical DiD workshop had to be adapted to the new sanitary restrictions: participants were divided into small groups which never mixed, the distances between the tables and the tables themselves were larger and sanitizers were available on each table.

As we could expect, the topic chosen by the client for the workshop was connection and the socioemotional skills needed for mental health when returning to work.

All adult population in Sao Paulo is now vaccinated, our Brazilian partners share with us. Therefore, the population is more confident to attend in-person events. Thus, the reaction of the participants in the DiD workshop was very positive. People were really happy to meet in person again.

We truly hope this is the beginning of the new normal. We are clear that hygiene measurements will continue. But we need to encounter physically to keep learning. We have to keep the Dialogue alive.

Many more workshops to come for DiD Brazil and all DiD venues in the world!