Noémie Sei

Graduated from a master degree in Territorial Development through Art and Culture (M.A.), Noémie Sei worked as a cultural project manager in a penitentiary and in a rural art center in France before joining Dialogue Social Enterprise in Mai 2016.

She quickly specialized herself in exhibition and interaction development and worked on several successful projects as Smart in the Dark (a digital Dialogue in the Dark experience), MODI (Museum of Diversity and Inclusion), or interactive workshops for the care profession. Currently, she is involved in the development of an interactive exhibition about human potentials for The Human Safety Net Foundation as well as a touring exhibition on inclusion within the Innoklusio Model Project.

Since January 2021 Noémie is a member of the Interaction Design Foundation where she trained herself in User Experience (UX) design, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) as well as accessibility and design for all.

In her spare time, Noémie plays the trombone, sings, and is involved in projects for social reintegration.

Portrait Noémie Sei