Axel Seemann

Dr. Axel Seemann is an Advisory Partner at Bain & Company where he started his career 25 years ago. He specializes in strategy and organizational development as well as in M&A. His clients are leading industrial companies and Private Equity Funds.

Axel Seemann is also a leader in Bain’s Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility practice helping companies and Investors on their journey towards sustainable business models. He initiated Bain’s Social Impact activities in German speaking region and since long has a passion for Social Entrepreneurship. He tailors ‘classic’ Consulting skillset to the social space and uses his experience to help scale Social Enterprises. Axel Seemann is also an Advisory Partner at BonVenture, the leading Social Impact Fund. Axel graduated from Mannheim business school and French Grande Ecole ESSEC.

Portrait Axel Seemann