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Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark São Paulo, Brazil

Dialogue in the Dark is known as Diálogo no Escuro in Brazil. Diálogo no Escuro is organised by Calina Projects, managed by Andrea Calina & Luiz Calina. After they got inspired by the exhibition in Holon, they decided to bring the experience to Brazil and opened their first Dialogue in the Dark in São Paulo for 16 months at Unibes Cultural in 2015, with another exhibition in Rio for 10 months at Museu Historico Nacional in the following year. Since the exhibitions were of temporary nature, both sites are currently closed.

D The future plans of «Calina Projetos» for DiD in Brazil are setting up a permanent site in São Paulo and bringing the exhibition to other major cities of Brazil.

Currently only workshops are offered. Calina Projetos and Unibes Cultural have worked together on another project and opened a Dialogue with Time exhibition in May 2018. It's addressing the topic of ageing and is the first Dialogue with Time exhibition in Latin America.

Open since August 2015



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