Dialogue in the Dark // Dialogue in Silence // Dialogue with Time

  • © Tal Kirshenbaum

Children's Museum Holon, Israel

The Dialogue in the Dark, together with Dialogue in Silence and Dialogue with Time is located at the Children's Museum in Holon and was brought by Gil Omer, the general manager, in 2004. The museum offers visitors a variety of activities which share the common feature of adventures that incorporate emotional intelligence, education for tolerance and acceptance of the other. With a goal to especially promote tolerance, respectful dialogue and nonviolent communication between Israeli children of all backgrounds and ethnicities, The Israel Children's Museum is the first venue worldwide to host all three Dialogue exhibitions permanently at the same time, while offering a variety of pedagogical activities to foster these goals.

"Dialogue in the dark was the pioneer for the other two dialogues we have in the museum. For me it was a real change of mind set not only as a manager but mostly as a human being. It makes me proud every day again of what I do and what we give to our visitors"  Gil Omer

Open since August 2004



Children's Museum
Peres Park,
Holon, Israel

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