The new faces of Dialogue

The list of adjectives to describe the people who make up the Dialogue throughout the world would be endless. We can summarize it in that they are unwavering and committed to a more just society for all.

Willy Chen waring a balck suit.

We are happy to welcome new people in our network, and today we briefly introduce you to three of them in Egypt, Taiwan  and Hong Kong.  Talents that we are sure will contribute a lot to the social mission of Dialogue.

Youssra Mokhtar, managing director at DiD Cairo

My background is in International and Egyptian law. I spent five years with UNHCR (the UN refugee agency), where I first served as a protection officer and then managed the communication between UNHCR & Government Officials.

 Before Joining DID Egypt my last role was serving as a Political, Legal and communication advisor for the Egyptian Parliament. 
I first became aware of DiD through a job vacancy. Intrigued by the opportunity, I attended the interview and had the chance to experience the program firsthand. I was truly amazed by the profound impact it had on me. This experience solidified my decision to join DiD.

My journey at DiD has been nothing short of amazing. Contributing to the empowerment of the community with visual disability has been an incredibly fulfilling experience, one that has touched you deeply. Witnessing the positive impact we make on individuals who visit us is truly heartening.

Our work goes beyond just providing an immersive experience, it fosters empathy, understanding and inclusivity. Each visitor leaves with a newfound appreciation for the abilities and the challenges faced by the persons with visual disability.

Moreover, collaborating with corporates, schools and other concerned entities has been crucial in raising the awareness about the needs and the capabilities of the persons with visual disability. By engaging with these groups, we strive to create a more inclusive society where everyone’s talents are recognized and valued.

Willy Chen, CEO of Dialogue in the Dark Taiwan

Before joining DiD, I was a consultant of DDI, Development Dimensions International, a famous leading consulting firm in the world and then runs my management consulting firm as the co-founder now.

When I was a consultant in DDI, I assisted my client to design a fantastic learning solution integrated DiD in three dimensions (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion). That's my first time to fall in love with DiD.

DiD is a wonderful working place full of positive psychological energy to recharge me every single day. Now I would like to utilize my expertise to help build up DiD Taiwan to become the best place to work.

DR. Martin Szeto, CEO of Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong 

I am an executive and educator with a rich background in driving innovation, growth, and social impact across global platforms. My career spans leadership roles in multinational corporations. Currently, I serve as a Professor of Practice in Corporate Governance at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. My commitment extends beyond academia into nurturing future generations and advocating for technological progress with purpose.

My introduction to DiD was a fortuitous blend of aligned values and professional curiosity. I was drawn to DiD mission of fostering empathy and creating inclusive opportunities for People of Differences. Their innovative approach to experiential learning and societal impact resonated with my own professional ethos and dedication to meaningful change. This synergy between my background in strategic leadership and DiD’s objectives ultimately guided me to join them as their CEO. 

My brief tenure as CEO at DiD has been profoundly enriching and enlightening. Stepping into this role, I have embraced the challenge of driving social impact while ensuring sustainable growth and innovation within the organization. The opportunity to work closely with People of Differences and witness their incredible talents and resilience firsthand has deepened my appreciation for the transformative power of empathy in leadership. Each day presents new learning and possibilities for promoting inclusivity, and I am committed to leveraging my experience to further Dialogue's mission and extend its impact on society.

Welcome all and we are sure you will be a great contribution to the global Dialogue!