27th Dialogue in the Dark International Meeting

This past April 17th was one of our favorite moments of the year: the Dialogue in the Dark international meeting!

Group photo with 23 people in the outdoor area

Whenever someone asks me, after each meeting, what was the best thing about it, my answer hasn't changed since 2008: being able to meet in person with all the amazing people who do Dialogue in the Dark all over the world.

The 2024 edition returned once again to the birthplace of Dialogue in the Dark of the 21st century: Hamburg, where our partners had a reception at the Dialoghaus led by our CEO Svenja Weber.

In addition to the familiar tours such as Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in Silence, partners were able to discover the newest tours such as Kids in Dialogue and Timeshift.

On April 18 and 19, Beyersdorf generously welcomed us at their Hamburg headquarters for the next part of our meeting.

The challenge this year was how to establish ourselves as a global voice that consistently promotes our social mission.

Partners from Hong Kong, Istanbul, Shanghai, Monterrey, Frankfurt and Sao Paulo traveled to Hamburg, in addition to the virtual presence of our other partners from other regions.

The sessions included presentations, plenary discussions, keynotes, working groups and other methodologies with the great moderation of Christian Köch.

Together we delved into the current situation and the challenges of each venue, the B to B business, the possibility of leveraging the topic of inclusion in companies as a transcendental business unit, how our impact can be measured in more effective and standardized ways worldwide, and the redesign of the role of our guides in dark experiences.

Of course, we ended with a lot of work on our desks for the remainder of the year. Especially with making our impact more visible and keeping our experiential formats relevant to today's audiences.

Thanks to all the attendees, it was energizing to see you! And we wish you all the best for 2024!