Laura Gorni

Laura Gorni, our senior partner and all-around talent, comes from Italy and this is where she currently resides. Laura studied Art History at Milano, Bologna and Firenze University.

During her prior work in the area of event management and PR, Laura visited Dialogue in the Dark and was immediately fascinated. This experience left a deep impression on her and she wished to become a part of DSE. Laura begun her work at DSE as an Executive Director of the first Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in Milano.

Since 2003, Laura assumed positions of project management and consultancy for several Dialogue in the Dark productions. In 2009, Laura was made partner of Dialogue Social Enterprise, furthermore, she held a position of COO for four years. Since 2017, Laura takes care of the entire global network of Dialogue licensees, and is in charge of external relations and controlling.

Portrait Laura Gorni