Filip Bertzbach

Filip Bertzbach started as political economist in consultancy with the question how responsible action could work within given market structures.

He (co-)developed the first benchmarking projects to evaluate and improve performance in public German water sector and later founded with German water companies a consulting company, aquabench GmbH. Hereby, he developed and managed regional, national, and international monitoring and learning communities, trained international experts and supported the standardization of the evaluation systems within national and international organizations.

Filip is measuring and evaluating the impact of Dialogue Social Enterprise's programs since 2022 to track the social value chain of these programs and to ensure continuous learning within our organization and among those involved in the programs.

Since more than 50 years you can find him in his freetime on and off football turfes. Only recently has he additionally discovered the beauty of the North German horse meadows.

Portrait Filip Bertzbach