Estelle Bolin

Estelle Bolin studied Intercultural Communication and Roman Culture Studies at the Saarland University and spent some time abroad mainly in France during her studies. After some detours in different German advertising agencies in the beginning of her career, she sought to contribute her skills fully to a social cause.

She joined Dialogue Social Enterprise at the end of 2016. As a project manager she is dedicating her working time to Dialogue exhibitions and workshops which have brought her to different places around the globe and understand all facets of Dialogue experiences. She helps international clients and new Dialogue partners to create their own local Dialogue experience. In 2019 and 2020, she was also responsible for the temporary Dialogue in the Dark exhibition in Trier, Germany and the MODI Lab in Switzerland.

Currently, she is the project lead for the Online Workshops - a program to support corporates to move ahead in their inclusion journey. Furthermore, she is in charge of organizing webinars, in presence workshops and the yearly International Meeting for the Dialogue in the Dark worldwide partner network.

Besides her full-time job at DSE she works as a certified freelance yoga teacher and pursues her passion for bouldering and rock climbing.

Portrait Estelle Bolin