Daniela Dimitrova

Portrait Daniela Dmitrova

Born in Bulgaria, Daniela Dimitrova suddenly lost her eyesight at the age of six. She graduated from the school for the blind in Sofia, followed by a youth leadership Program in USA and holds two master’s degrees. In 2013 she was certified by the Coaching Akademie in Hamburg as a Systemic Coach and Systemic Team Development Moderator.

In the past, Daniela was working as an international translator and interpreter, and she was very active in the disability human rights movement in East Europe.

From 2001, Daniela held many different positions at DSE. Starting with an internship at Dialogue in the Dark in Hamburg, she has been working as an exhibition Tour guide, Master guide, Lead facilitator, Master trainer, Project manager, Director of Global Human Resource development and Director of DiD Operations. She performed in over 30 countries, communicates in five different languages and trained thousands of DID co-workers. She continues currently contributing to the fields of training, content development and moderation.

Daniela likes reading, hiking, meeting friends but lately, she loves taking care and sharing time with her daughter and partner.