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Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark São Paulo, Brazil

Dialogue in the Dark is known as Diálogo no Escuro in Brazil. Andrea & Luiz Calina are the driving forces behind the project. After they got inspired by the exhibition in Holon, they decided to bring the experience to Brazil and opened their first Dialogue in the Dark in São Paulo for 16 months at Unibes Cultural in 2015, with another exhibition in Rio for 10 months at Museu Historico Nacional in the following year. Both venues received great recognition from both the press and the public. During the last years the Dialogue was continued in the workshops.

The pandemic postponed the plans to re-open a new exhibition, but now the new DiD venue at the Unibes Cultural in São Paulo will open its doors at 4th August 2022. A large part of the guides has already worked in the exhibition in 2015/2016, an experience that made the team grow together, and who have also led the business workshops in the meantime. The rooms will be designed differently than in 2015 and this will be a surprise for the public.

“We are very enthusiastic about the new space and very much looking forward to the audience's reactions.” Andrea Calina

Open since August 2015



Unibes Cultural
Rua Oscar Freire 2500
São Paulo, SP 05409-012

+55 11 55350763