Kuala Lumpur

Dialogue in the Dark

Dialogue in the Dark Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dialogue in the Dark Kuala Lumpur is headed by the visually impaired social entrepreneur Stevens Chan, who opened his first exhibition in 2013. From 2015 till 2016, Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia was located at the Sunway University in Kuala Lumpur. It was uniquely designed with recycled materials to offer a completely environmentally-friendly space. Most of the materials used were cardboards, steel panels, wooden table tops, worn out tires and plastic bottles, including some items from the previous exhibition location.

In September 2018, the new DiD exhibition opened at the Weld Shopping Centre. The center offered a variety of experiences in the dark: tour for the general public and school groups, dining in the dark, workshops in the dark for companies and teams as well as especial events such as concerts in the dark.
In 2022 the development of the Dialogue Includes All (DIA) Discovery Center started, to open in 2023. Meanwhile only DiD workshops are offered.

"Dialogue in the Dark is very much a personal mission for me and my wife. I have always expressed to our visitors and clients to not take their given eyesight and good health for granted. We also operate DiD as the nucleus of our Academy of Light to equip, enable and empower more of our PWD friends to be entrepreneurs so that they can be seen more for their capabilities rather than their disabilities." Stevens Chan

Open since November 2012