Communication with Appreciation

Photo of a woman and a man communicating in sign language.

Language is the expression and measure of successful inclusion of people with disabilities because it clarifies the thought and imagination of the speaker and creates a social reality. In the relationship with people with disabilities, there is often a high degree of uncertainty when it comes to terminology, using non-discriminatory language and learning how to dialogue. Participants will learn how to communicate with people with disabilities in a respectful, appropriate, and appreciative manner. Awareness emerges regarding ableism and negative language and how to avoid them.  


  • Gain confidence in conversing with people with disabilities
  • Openness to address linguistic uncertainties and to ask questions for clarification
  • Awareness of negative language, images, and discriminatory language
  • Become familiar with communication support options such as non-verbal communication and plain language

Duration: 3 hours  

Target Group: All those who interact with employees or customers with disabilities and who to be more aware and confident in appreciative communication

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