Not only São Paulo in the Dark but also Rio in 2023!

Luiz and Andrea Calina, our Brazilian partners not only opened the first post-pandemic DiD exhibition in São Paulo in 2022 but are now on the second DiD worldwide post-pandemic opening in Rio de Janeiro!

Photo of the dialogue in the dark team in Sao Paulo with Andrea Calina and Andreas Heinecke.

“Diálogo no Escuro” will be back to Rio after the great success of the first season, in 2016. At that time, it was presented for 10 months. “Since then, people ask us in our social media when we would be back and the answer is April 2023.” Says Luiz Calina.

The venue of the second pos-pandemic DiD is the same as in 2016, The National Historical Museum. This time Calina Projetos found a master sponsor that made possible the second season of DiD Rio: Meta.

And the timing is perfect, explains Luiz. “The Museum completed 100 years in 2022 and has a huge and wonderful collection. They are making efforts in diversity & inclusion as well as improving accessibility. DiD is a perfect fit for these initiatives.”

To celebrate the centenary of the museum, and thanks to the sponsorship of Meta, tickets will be free of cost for all visitors.

Luiz adds, “The only cost will be for companies that require advance booking, workshops or especial events.”

Our Brazilian partners are running in parallel DiD São Paulo since 2022 at Unibes Cultural. DiD workshops for corporations is another front of actions and can be done with or without connections to the exhibitions.

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