First Online Dialogue in Malaysia

With most of our dark in-person experiences collapsed due to the pandemic restrictions, there have been international efforts to take the Dialogue experiences to alternative platforms.

Photo of Stevens Chan moderating the first Malaysian Online Workshop

Last November 23rd, Dialogue in the Dark in Kuala Lumpur has conducted the first trial of their Dialogue Online workshop version.

Some weeks ago I shared about “My Resilience Recipe” – the electronic book authored by DiD KL CEO Stevens Chan. Part of the income generated by the book was invested on the development and test of this workshop.

Eighteen participants took part in this trial. They came from diverse backgrounds such as universities, training, and corporate sectors.

The title of the workshop was facing adversity with a resilient mind. The objective was to share the resilience recipe from blind individuals in bouncing back from adversities based in three pillars: accept, adapt and being aware. The overall aim of the workshop is to improve the emotional and mental wellbeing of the younger generations.

According to Stevens Chan, who is also the lead facilitator of the workshop, the main target groups of this resilience experience are students.

The trial workshop got positive feedback. However, still improvements are needed. Chan shared that visually impaired facilitators have to master the use of the online platforms, so they feel entirely comfortable when facilitating a group.

Today, in his opinion, is a great chance for the visually impaired community to play an important role in society by sharing resilience true stories and coping mechanisms to overcome adversity. Chan says that much insight can be offered by the Dialogue people especially to the younger population in the post Covid period where emotional and mental wellbeing is needed to deal with uncertainty.

We at DSE celebrate our partners’ efforts to make Dialogue staying relevant in the current situation. Even in the middle of the uncertainty more impact can be created by employing our blind colleagues as facilitators and provide the participants with a hopeful resilient experience.