Finding new meaning: DiD Hong Kong

The Dialogue in the Dark team in Hong Kong is dealing with the current crisis inspired by their mantra: the right to serve. They believe that people with disabilities can create value for others not only in regular times but also in unusual moments such as today where a pandemic and political tension are part of the daily routine on the island.

Photo of the lobby of the Dialogue inthe Dark, Hong Kong: the walls in orange and white, and with a large sculpture of the letters d and e

In the middle of the pandemic, The Dialogue in the Dark venue in Hong Kong was among the first international sites to reopen beginning of May after 3 months of lockdown. Now the exhibition had to close again for some new outbreaks of the virus.

Today their coping mechanism is called “We Care”. This program was created as a response for the DiD HK blind employees to generate value for themselves and others during lockdown.  

In this first video, 3 blind DiD HK staff members introduce the “We Care” program. Beneficiaries of this initiative are the senior citizens with disabilities. The “We Care” program provides them with two different services: seniors get weekly phone calls from the DiD HK blind staff with disability to track their emotional state as well as sharing some hygiene tips. Second, seniors receive a package with hygiene products distributed by the DiD HK blind staff. This support is provided to senior citizens who are in economical difficulties or are not in condition to queue and purchase this products.

“We Care,” according to this DiD HK staff has provide them with a new meaning and sense during this time. At the same time, it is very rewarding. Getting the seniors’ appreciation comments makes them feel they are creating value for the community.

In this second video, four blind colleagues from DiD HK share their experience on packing the hygiene products for seniors. Due to the pandemic, the pitch-dark room which used to be the scenario for the experiential Dialogue in the Dark workshops, was transformed into a temporary packing factory. DiD HK received donations from some organizations in order to purchase and distribute this personal hygiene packages. Every day the workshop room is disinfected, the blind workers cleanse themselves, wear facial masks and medical gloves and proceed to set up the packages with hand-cleaning liquids and masks. They share this feeling of contributing with the society also during difficult times and invite the society to keep donating.

The last video is about the DiD HK blind staff in charge of the call center. They are in charge of providing the seniors with some companion during lockdown. They comfort and listen to those citizens. They track their psychological health. Seniors of course appreciate a lot these phone calls. However, the blind employees report being encouraged as well by their interactions with the seniors.

For the moment this great DiD HK team understands that we cannot work in the dark. But “We Care” about the situation. And we can walk through this dark together. Our greatest appreciation for this resilience example!